Outflow from the the Northern Wastewater Works sludge dam Outflow from the the Northern Wastewater Works sludge dam

Continuous pollution of the Jukskei and Crocodile Rivers - the petition Featured

Written by  Anthony Duigan Monday, 26 October 2015 22:22
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Sewage from the Northern Works has been polluting the Jukskei and Crocodile Rivers since the last week of July this year.  This is the latest in a long series of sewage discharges into the Jukskei River from the Northern Wastewater Treatment  Works over years. The danger to public health, the continual stench, the inevitable damage to riverine life, the negative impact on agriculture from continual discharges point to a lack of competence and criminal irresponsibility on the part of Joburg Water and its officials.

We, as residents along these waterways and affected parties, demand an immediate enquiry followed by the appropriate action by the City of Johannesburg as the ultimate responsible party, to address 

 the reason for the lack of any visible action to tackle this latest pollution for more than two 

 the inability, or incompetence, of officials from Joburg Water, particularly those responsible for managing the Purification Works 

 the breakdown in the chain of accountability for addressing this state of affairs

 The state of preventive maintenance at the Works and who and what is responsible for the continual flows of raw sewerage into the Jukskei River.

 The short-term and longer-term actions that need to be taken to address this critical issue.


We look forward to your immediate response and an undertaking of what remedial actions will be taken, and when.


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