Industrial Pollution in Illiondale Continues into 2016

Written by  Irwin Juckes Wednesday, 10 February 2016 12:53
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Watch a show recorded on 8 February 2016 as industrial pollution poured into the Modderfontein Stream.


This discharge from industry happens every weekday. Here you see nine hours condensed into 90 seconds. While the problem is seen in Ekurhuleni, the it belongs to Johannesburg who have not been able to resolve who it is since May 2015. In fact, based on newspaper reports this has been happening since 2009 or earlier.  Near the R25 Bridge industrial pollution from Founder’s Hill South has been going on for at least 5 years (Bedfordview & Edenvale News 28 Oct 2009). Edenvale RiverWatch has been asking for action from City of Johannesburg since May 2015.


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Industrial pollution Irwin Juckes

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