"Now, while the drought is beyond our control, the serious neglect and failure over decades to maintain our water infrastructure has made matters worse. 

Our City loses approximately 40% of its water through leaks and bursts in its aged infrastructure and illegal connections. 
In 2015 it was reported that R850 million of water was lost to leaks. 

You can only imagine how this represents a major challenge to a large metropolitan city when our dams hover at around 30% capacity. We have been able to manage the water crisis, without widespread cuts in water services being implemented as seen in some other municipalities. 

It is important for our residents to understand that if a reservoir runs dry, it would take 2 weeks to supply water to the surrounding areas again. However, where necessary, we have implemented water cuts at night so as to avoid domestic and business interruptions. We would like to thank our residents for their patience, and I implore our residents to continue conserving water because the situation is still very serious.

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