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Joburg Water

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Or phone Joburg Water on 011 688 1500



Communities across the country are set to benefit from the services of the re-established Department of Water and Sanitation’s call centre.

The call centre will be a point of access to all information about the programmes and services of the department.

The hotline will further enable the department to receive and resolve issues related to water-use registration and licensing; vandalism and theft of infrastructure; treatment plants and other problems; illegal water connections; revenue, billing, and debt management; water supply interruptions and other issues as well as basic sanitation supply, community sanitation problems and buckets which are not collected.

“Given the recent water challenges and constraints, South Africans are urged to use the hotline as this will assist the department to respond to and accelerate service delivery.

“Members of the general public, service providers, community structure leaders and businesses are some of the stakeholders encouraged to use the hotline,” said the department in a statement.

The hotline number 0800 200 200 is free of charge, easy to use and convenient for communities.

It will operate in all 11 languages and is operational from 6am - 10pm during weekdays. –

Aug 01

 Winner: Water Efficiency & Management Award


Armour's vision is to be a 'voice for water'," says Anthony Duigan of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy and founding member of the Action for Responsible Management of Our Rivers (Armour) group. "Our work is to identify problems and then to work with all stakeholders to solve them, so that healthy rivers and wetlands are the outcome.

"Ultimately we want to make a difference that goes beyond just complaining."

Founded in August 2015, following several weeks of sewage inflows from the Northern Purification Works into the Jukskei River, the initiative is open-ended and will last as long as it is needed. The current catchment area covers the Jukskei and tributaries and is working to include the Klip River catchment area in a separate forum. There are ambitions to cover the entire river and wetland system of Gauteng.

"Armour differs from the usual lobby-groups," says Duigan. "It balances challenge and support, bringing pressure to bear on the authorities responsible for managing our waterways with the support and co-operation they need to fix what's wrong. We work to highlight water pollution issues through the media, official bodies (such as the Green Scorpions) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), putting these issues in the public spotlight. It then identifies the accountable individuals to work with to contain and solve the problem, and ultimately continues to remind stakeholders along the water courses of their responsibility to be part of the solution."

This is done through a public-private river forum that meets monthly to examine reports of pollution affecting rivers and wetlands, identify the persons accountable and what actions need to be taken, and monitor the subsequent actions and results.

Fundamental to the group is the development of partnerships between water and sanitation authorities, stakeholders of rivers and wetlands within Gauteng, and NGOs and professionals who can assist in returning rivers and wetlands to full health.

"The current River Forum consists of senior officials from Joburg Water and representatives from communities along the Jukskei River, above and below the Northern Works," Duigan explains. "But, it is not complete [yet], since all stakeholders are not yet on board. We are working to include the communities of Alexandra and Diepsloot and industries and communities upstream to Bruma Lake to join us in taking responsibility and being a part of the solution."



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