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a #CleanaRiver campaign as part of the 
World Water 2021 theme of 'Valuing Water' 

A collaboration between The Rotary Action Group WASH. The Lions Clubs and ARMOUR to support Water Warriors

A campaign launched in support of Water Warriors on National Water Week

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"a pledge of just R200 can assist a person for the day, making a positive impact to them, the environment & water around you.

 To date, over 500 people have received work and more than 1 million kilograms of waste removed by the Water Warriors"

ARMOUR is a registered NPO.
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Pledge to #CleanaRiver and #MakeAnImpactDownstream
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14th Church Street ~
Diepsloot Ext 6 This School has been built of 16000 EcoBricks! (+10 Tonnes of plastic stopped from entering landfill or rivers) Help a team of Water Warriors & Activists Paint the School, Clean Up the Streets & The River Area with the community
Gratefully setting standards @Khensani School in Diepsloot

Help with EcoBricks for the new school building or gardens ~
or pledge to assist job creation for unemployed community members cleaning the Streets & The River #from their community 4 their community
Painting and finishing the Ecobrick School Classroom, Gratefully Setting the Standard

Painting and finishing the school to gratefully set a new standard ~
Assist or pledge towards ongoing work to replace the roof using repurposed plastic


1. The ongoing support of Water Warriors looking after these and other catchments;
2. Displaced citizens within the affected areas to receive food, water and opportunities for work, training and a restoration of dignity;

3. All of us in the 'ecosystem', as we all need water to survive!

Campaign Objectives;

World Water Day has been held on 22nd March each year since 1993. It is an initiative spearheaded by the UN, alongside UNESCO, the World Water Council and the World Wildlife Fund supporting Sustainable Development Goal #6, to provide sanitation and water for all by 2030. The theme for World Water Day 2021 is ‘Valuing water’and is celebrated as part of National Water Week in South Africa. The 'CleanaRiver' campaign brings awareness and action to these objectives and will be ongoing through 2021 until the next World Water Day.

Full Background;

In South Africa, David Grant from The Rotary Action Group ‘WASH’ (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) together with Lions Clubs are collaborating with ARMOUR (A Voice for Water) NPO and dedicated local river warriors to launch the CleanaRiver campaign starting by celebrating the World Water Day over the Human Rights weekend of 20th to 22nd March.

The CleanaRiver campaign initially aimed to support and further the work of the following River Warriors and catchment areas; The Sandspruit River (northern Johannesburg) under the direction of Wendy Malpage of Bubele Africa, The Hennops River (Centurion) under the direction of Tarryn Johnston of Hennops Revival and Boksburg lake under the direction of Derek Fox from the Rotary Club of Boksburg.

Mark McClue from ARMOUR explains “these leading Water Warriors and other active citizens have been busy throughout the year where possible cleaning and restoring these stretches of river which all make an impact downstream into the main Jukskei, Crocodile and Klip River systems and ultimately find their way to Hartebeespoort and the Vaal Dam either side of the Witwatersrand.”

The World Water day message of Valuing Water brings awareness to citizens that the value of water is about much more than its price. Water is key to an ecosystem for our households across culture, food, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment. If we overlook any of these values, we risk mismanaging this finite, irreplaceable resource.

Water is in critical short supply in South Africa with a 17% shortfall anticipated by 2030, yet rivers in Gauteng are polluted with sewerage, industrial waste, illegal dumping and trash including an abundance of consumer plastic as a result of their behaviour, use and management of water. South Africans are encouraged to change the way they think and act if we are to address the anticipated water shortages. Water is also key to cultural, recreational and spiritual areas with this function largely threatened by pollution and pressures from habitation. It is here that CleanaRiver wishes to unite people through the cleanup actions by water warriors and active citizenship bringing awareness whilst protecting and restoring river areas.

David Grant, from Rotary expands on the campaign. “There is also a humanitarian crisis along the river areas consisting of homeless persons who live in camps out of sight of the general public. Many of these persons can only earn meagre incomes from waste recycling and casual labour. They are caught in a poverty trap from which few manage to escape. Many are educated able persons who work hard and have been displaced by the system further impacted by Covid. CleanaRiver plans to aid hiring persons to assist with programs in the camp vicinities and in exchange for assisting with the cleanup training is being arranged for recyclable waste to be separated for reprocessing including the manufacturing of eco-bricks and other re-purposing projects.”

Mark McClue from ARMOUR adds “Citizens can assist by joining a cleanup or by making a pledge of just R200 they can help a person making a positive impact to them, the environment and water around. To date over 500 people have received work and 1 million kilograms of waste has already been removed by the water warriors.”

The objective of the ongoing campaign is not only to remove and possibly recycle waste, but to grow a sustainable ongoing public awareness of the dire state of our rivers and how we should value our critical water resources. Access to clean water is a Human Right entrenched in the South African Constitution and thus a good reason to help 'CleanaRiver'. 

To participate in the campaign, join a local cleanup or assist by making a pledge here to #MakeAnImpactDownstream via www.ARMOUR/CleanaRiver.
Sponsorship and CSI collaboration is welcome from companies and with other Water Activist and Water Warrior groups.

For more information or to start a CleanaRiver campaign please contact :

Mark McClue for ARMOUR (Action for Management of our Rivers) 0812629505

David Grant for Rotary 083 626 4523  
#AVoice4Water #MakeAnImpactDownstream #CleanaRiver #FromtheCommunity4theCommunity;;;

Pledge to #CleanaRiver and #MakeAnImpactDownstream